About me (the facts)

I grew up in Austin, TX, but spent nearly a decade on the West Coast, where I received my B.A. in Psychology with Honors from Pitzer College and my M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. I completed my training for MFT licensure in Los Angeles, CA, where I had the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest minds in the field.

My time in Los Angeles shaped me into the clinician I am today and I could not be more grateful, but when it came time to choose between LA and Austin, my love of Austin won out. In 2014, I returned to Austin and founded Peace of Mind Therapy, PLLC. 

About me (the not so boring stuff)

I am a former Yoga Teacher and long-time mindfulness and meditation convert, but don't let that fool you; I'm far from being a Zen Monk (try as I may). In my work and in my life, I strive to be honest and direct in my communication.  Often this means asking challenging questions and discussing difficult subjects, but I find a bit of humor and the not so occasional, but usually well placed, curse word go a long way in making the process a bit more tolerable, if not, enjoyable. Choose accordingly. 

In my free time I enjoy being out of doors, hiking, swimming, SUP, and going for (slow) long-distance runs.  Photography,  acrylic painting, and the occasional wood working project are my creative outlets of choice. I'm also mildly obsessed with clouds, sunsets, and my super-athlete of a dog, Lana. 

What is my approach or theoretical orientation?

I strive to create a safe, nurturing environment for personal exploration and growth. I believe the strength of our therapeutic alliance is the most important factor in creating sustainable, positive change. How we work together will depend on you and your goals for therapy, but with that said, I approach all of my work from a Mindfulness and Relational perspective. 

What is Mindfulness?

Yes, it is about meditation, but it's so much more than that! It's about being present and attentive in each individual moment of our lives. It's about neural plasticity, our ability to changing the neural anatomy of our brains over time. Wish you had more self-restraint, more patience, a longer attention span? All of these things are improved with a dedicated mindfulness practice! 

What do you mean by Relational Therapy? 

It means I am an interactive and collaborative therapist with thoughts, feelings, opinions, and experiences, which I'm happy to share with you when it benefits our relationship and our work together. I try my best to be neutral, but I am not a blank slate. 

Additional orientations/trainings/certifications

  • Attachment Theory

  • Interpersonal Neurobiology

  • EMDR Trained

  • Trauma Resiliency Model/Somatic Experiencing

  • Existential Therapy

  • Life transitions

Areas of Focus:

I think of myself as a General Surgeon of Psychotherapy; I am less interested in a specific diagnosis, and more interested in how do we grow and thrive as people? How do we heal the wounds of our past to live the present that we want?  As a result, I see a wide range of patients, but there are a few demographics with whom I have an abundance of experience and success in our work together -- we tend to just "click."

Would we be a good fit for each other?

If you are looking to deepen your self-understanding, heal old wounds, grow as person, figure your shit out, improve your life, and maybe even the lives of those around you, then I just might be the Therapist for you!

Ultimately, there is only one way to know if we would work well together... So, at the risk of sounding like an infomercial, what are you waiting for? Click the new patient request button and let's figure out if we are a good fit for each other!

Who might not be a good fit?

If you are in your first year of drug or alcohol recovery and/or in need of anger management skills training, please seek a professional that specializes in these areas in order to get the care you need.

What is your availability?

Currently, my practice is pretty full, BUT I do have space for: 

  • 1 or 2 Individual Adult patients

  • with weekday scheduling flexibility

  • out-of-pocket/out-of-network only

Brass Tax

  • 50-min. Individual Session - $130

  • 1-hr. Initial Intake or Individual Session - $155

  • Additional consultation, report writing etc. that goes beyond the typical scheduling email or phone call is billed in 10-min. increments - $25


I am not accepting any new insurance patients at this time. I am happy to provide you with a monthly statement of services rendered, which you may submit to your insurance provider for out-of-network reimbursement. This may significantly reduce the cost of treatment. 


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #202579