Professors, Undergrad/Graduate Students, and Thought Leaders

I love working with anyone who spends their time learning, teaching, writing, and researching.


I focus on academia for two reasons

  1. High-achieving, perfectionists and I get along well because I am was one! I spent years living in a world where my sense of purpose and self-worth were tied to learning and external validation. Anxiety and perfectionism played a role in every success and every failure. If you are reading this, I'm betting you know a little something about them too. I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way!

  2. Higher education in the United States has become synonymous with competition, stress, and anxiety. Being "busy" and productive are rewarded above all else, often at the sacrifice of the things that make us happy, healthy humans. I want to help you thrive, not just survive, this demanding culture.

How I can help

My not so secret agenda for academics (and all patients, really) is to help foster a sense of self-worth that is generated from within. You are not the grants or fellowships you receive, nor are you your grades, publications, or student reviews. Mindfulness and self-compassion techniques can help you to see this truth. Ironically, many people report that as they let go of their attachment to external validation, their performance actually improves!
Working hypothesis: decreasing mental anxiety results in increased time, energy, and mental clarity to handle the task at hand. 

What I will not do  

I will not tell you what to do. Disappointing, I know, but years of experience have shown me that lasting change comes from within. I will show you different options/techniques/approaches and you will have to choose what is right for you.