Sex-Positive(+) Therapy

What do I mean by Sex-Positive Therapy? 

I work from a place of non-judgement and acceptance, with the guiding principal that the involved parties are fully aware and consenting of all activities. If you are looking for a therapist that will be open and accepting of you and your sexuality you have come to the right place.


Kink and Poly-aware 

I have taken steps to stay educated and informed about the kink community, and the best therapeutic practices thereof.  Additionally, kink, BDSM and non-monogamous relationships often require conscientious consideration, intentionality, and increased inter-personal communication; therapy can be a great place to explore and learn about your preferences, and how to articulate them to your partner(s). 


Gender and Sexuality 

I work with all people: Bi, Straight, Gay, Trans, Queer, Asexual, and everyone in between. I'll do my best to create a safe and nurturing environment for self-exploration and expression.